Taking handover from a builder

You have bought an under-construction property. The project is now complete and the developer wants to hand over possession to you.

The primary aspects to check before taking handover from the builder are:

  1. Specs & Quality Verification: Usually developers will hand over an unfurnished unit, unless otherwise mentioned. This means the unit is functional with complete flooring, sanitary fittings in bathrooms, kitchen, all windows and doors fitted with handles, unit completely painted, and cleaned. There is usually no electrical fittings and carpentry work. You need to get this done yourself. But before taking handover, you need to check that the unit has been built and completed as per the specifications promised. Examples of specs include flooring type, painting, materials used in doors, windows, sanitary fittings, electrical switchboard, switches, plugs, etc. Details of the specs will be mentioned in the documents you received, when you paid the booking amount. At this stage you should also ensure that there are no cracks or wet patches on the walls, that there are no leaks in any sanitary fittings, etc. In case you find any discrepancy or issue, have the builder fix it before you take possession.
  2. Amenities: In addition, you also need to check the amenities (and specs of the same) promised in the common areas. These include lifts , flooring in corridors, clubhouse amenities, gym, swimming pool, garden, outdoor games, children’s park, etc. If any items are still pending, get a complete understanding of when these will be complete.
  3. Utilities: You need to of course ensure that the electrical connections and water connections have been provided, and not just dependent on power backup and water tankers.
  4. Car parks: Check that any car parks have been allotted and marked correctly.
  5. Keys: Take all the keys for the main door, rooms, including any mail box keys
  6. Documentation & Approvals: Most of your documentation will be done at the time of property registration, and these have been covered in a previous chapter. The registration will of course, happen before the flat is handed over to you. The most important piece of document at this stage is the “Occupancy certificate”. This certificate indicates that the property has been built as per plan submitted to the municipal authorities, and that residents can now start occupying the premises. The builder will also be responsible for getting you the state-specific land record document (explained in a separate section). Often this is handed over after they give you possession, but do understand plans for the same.
  7. Association & Maintenance: For the day-day running of a gated community or even a building, an association of owners is required to be formed. The association elects a MC (Managing committee) who oversees the security, housekeeping, regular maintenance, etc. Usually the builder will handle the premises for at least 1 year after handover, and then they will help form an association of owners who will elect an MC to handle these affairs. The MC will then hire the housekeeping, maintenance staff as required, or inherit these from the builder. So please understand the plan for day-day maintenance before you take possession of the flat.

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